We shared exhibition space on the Moses Kotane Municipality stand.  Five representatives took meetings on behalf of the incubator group; the team came prepared with a video presentation on flat screen, brochures, business cards and meeting report forms. Six meetings were confirmed before the event of which four were useful with both international and local buyers. These confirmed buyers at least allowed the representatives to practice taking business meetings which they gradually got better at as the event unfolded. They soon mastered the art of listening for 80% of the time and talking for 20%.

International buyers who met with the five representatives of PTI were very keen to share tips and tricks on their source markets (the Nordics) and mentioned they were always on the look-out for
affordable accommodation alternatives around the Pilanesberg area; more especially since there is a lot of pressure on availability in the South Kruger area. Local buyers were interested in the opportunity to hand over guests to local guides/tour operators that they had picked up in other parts of South Africa.

The five representatives excelled picking up extra contacts through a combination of roaming and introducing themselves to other exhibitors as well as simply plucking buyers from the isle as they
walked past the stand. They therefore ended up with at least 15-20 decent contacts to do follow up. All enjoyed being at the event. Incubates managed to learn and extract a lot from the experience.
With a vivid picture of how the industry works, they should now be able to effectively leverage future B2B events like INDABA.

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